Rohit Kumar

Where is Rohit Kumar born?

Rohit Kumar was born in Chandigarh, India and still he is living in chandigarh. He is the permanent resident of chandigarh.

What is the age of Rohit Kumar?

The age of Rohit Kumar is 25 as on June 11, 2021.

What is the height of Rohit Kumar?

The Height of Rohit Kumar is 5’7.

What is the meaning of Rohit Kumar?

The meaning of the word Rohit is “First ray of the sun which is red” and Kumar means child, son or prince. So you can understand the meaning of the name Rohit Kumar as Red Son, Red Child or Red Prince.

Is Rohit Kumar married?

No, Rohit Kumar is not married and he will be married soon.

Is Rohit an Indian name?

Yes Rohit is an Indian origin name.

Is Rohit a good name?

Yes, Rohit is a very good name because it has appears many times in hindu sacred textbooks also.

What is the nickname of Rohit?

Rohit does not have any nickname right now.

Is Rohit an Arabic name?

Rohit is not an Arabic name at all.

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